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Arts and Crafts, 1º Primary

Activity shared by María de la O González

" I would like my students know how express feelings and emotions in english and how to show them through paintings"

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Spring door

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Penny Lane

Activity shared by M.Consuelo Manchado. My project is a mural compound by different collages that students would do in teams. Those works represent all the scenes depicted in the song "Penny Lane", by The Beatles. A label with the extract of the lyrics would be displayed as well. This project should be devoloped both in the English and Art lessons, as there are some grammar structures to be taught and research to be done (apart from activities related to the lyrics itself). I think this song provides a good opportunity to learn some things about other cutures (in this case, the Brithish culture). It would be interesting to compare and contrast different features in our towns and theirs. For example, means of transport (the double-decker bus), red post boxes, police officers' helmet and uniform, how the queu at the bus stop... So many differences! Apart from that, in the project students will learn about the band itself, their members. It would be a good start